About Us

Where our story began

mybmbu was founded by 2 friends, Ash & Robyn, in a bid to offer people alternative solutions to single-use plastics, whilst empowering a small local Indonesian business that is at the heart of our production.

Taking it back to the start...  I (Robyn) first met Dede, our bamboo straw supplier, back in 2015 on the beautiful little island of Gili Air whilst backpacking around Indonesia.  

Dede was one of the staff in a Hostel I was staying at and he invited me to his small village in Lombok to meet his lovely family who cooked me my first authentic Indonesian meal, with fish sourced directly from the lake next to their house.  The whole community gathered around to watch us eat.

For people who had very little, they were so welcoming, kind and generous. It was one of those days you never forget and Dede and I have remained friends ever since!


Dede left the Hostel, got married and had a baby.  He recently started his own business hand-making and selling bamboo straws to support his growing family and asked if I would be interested to help.  

Having lived in Indonesia myself for so long, I’ve witnessed first hand how much single-use plastic impacts our environment - our beaches don't look like the postcards and our marine life is suffering. 

However, we have seen many great zero-plastic initiatives created in Indonesia over the past year and myself and mybmbu Co-Founder, Ashleigh, really wanted to contribute to the change.  Our collaboration with Dede is a great opportunity to do this by supporting not only the protection of our environment, but also Dede’s family and small village community, which is why we have jumped at the chance to be a part of it.

You can rest assured that our reusable bamboo straw products are lovingly hand-crafted, sustainably and ethically sourced from the village, fairly traded and they are an amazing alternative to plastic.  

mybmbu is not just about business.  We have put a lot of thought into our whole product, packaging and its journey to ensure we are being as kind to the environment as possible, trying to promote more sustainable lifestyles by cutting out single-use plastics whilst supporting local enterprises in rural areas.  
So what are you waiting for?  Make the #switchtosustainable - go mybmbu.